Found Palomino Horse | NetPosse ID #4294

Found Horse Near Starksville, MS, 39759

NetPosse ID #: 4294
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Palomino
Description: DO YOU KNOW ME? Starkville, MS - Crawford RD area
If you know any information about this horse... Maybe when healthier, color may have been different a little too. This horse showed up a few weeks ago in a neighbors pasture. To claim the mare, tell us her age and other interesting facts only the owner knows.

This horse was found in the woods in MS. It appears she has been out there by herself for a very long time. She is most likely from the area but we can't rule out that she was brought here from somewhere else. With that in mind, do you know anyone who is missing a Palomino mare? If so, contact them, share this now on Social media everywhere. She is safe now but is there an owner looking for her? Anyone claiming her must provide the info that has not been provided already.
Area Found: Starksville, MS, 39759
Date Found: 5/6/2021