Found Don't know. Horse | NetPosse ID #4242

Found Horse Near Gentry, AR, 72734

NetPosse ID #: 4242
Gender: Must state gender
Species: Horse
Breed: Don't know.
Description: FROM FACEBOOK POST: OK, people could you please share the heck out of this. This gelding showed up in our driveway several days ago. It is a quiet and nice easy-going horse. My brother e-mail the sheriff's office and told them that we had found it. He left our address and phone number. He was told that maybe animal control could help. Animal control said they do not do horses and suggested that we contact a horse rescue. My brother goggled horse rescues and the nearest one is in Oklahoma. I don't want to send a local horse all the way to Oklahoma and then have a local have to drive there to bring it back. To be completely honest it is such a nice horse that I would not mind keeping it. But it belongs with its owners. SOMEONE HAS GOT TO BE MISSING THIS HORSE. - Paul Capehart,
Area Found: Gentry, AR, 72734
Date Found: 4/23/2021