Searching For Horse named Hunting For a Hero - Bryan, TX, 77803 | NetPosse ID #4175

Searching For Horse Near Bryan, TX, 77803

NetPosse ID #: 4175
Name: Hunting For a Hero
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Appaloosa
Description: Looking for my old horse Hunting for a Hero, barn name (was) Robbie, 2002 ApHC gelding out of The Hunter It’s a long story but basically I sold him when I went to college. It was an in-barn purchase so I thought I was selling him to the right person and I would also get to keep seeing him. Well, this girl ended up running off and getting married at 18 and basically abandoned him. She sold to someone in Texas who seemed like a good fit but then the 6 year old they bought him for decided that she only wanted to do games. She seemed to consign him out to be sold by a trainer in Texas under the name Rocking L&D. They say that they didn’t tell him and he went back to that owner or maybe was sold privately. She said that they did sell him and didn’t know who it was to. Any and all leads are appreciated! Last one I tried a search like this was July of last year and it didn’t get anywhere. Again, last I know of him, he was in Texas. He is my heart horse and I really just want to at least know that he is loved and cared for.
Area Last Seen: Bryan, TX, 77803
Date Last Known: 7/3/2017