Stolen Horse named Otis - Ellensburg, Wa, Wa, 98926 | NetPosse ID #4165

Stolen Horse Near Ellensburg, Wa, Wa, 98926

NetPosse ID #: 4165
Name: Otis
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter horse
Description: Purchased April 3rd in Bridgeport, Washington which is 2.5 hr drive from our home. Otis was secure in a pasture with electric fencing, fence was charged and it was obvious he was familiar with electric fences. That enclosure was within our perimeter fencing, all gates closed. 2 other horses were free to roam our whole property. I left for about 1 1/2 hrs but husband home, he didn’t see or hear anything. When I got back he was gone. No damage to any fending, not signs he jumped the fence anywhere, he was quite content in the pasture and was a very calm, non excitable horse. Neighbors on either side have horses so one would think if he did get out he’d gravitate towards them. Ground to dry to look for prints plus other horses have prints all over. Neighbors alerted who helped search. We immediately searched a large area by quad and truck and have every day since. Nothing. Not even fresh manure. We suspect someone lead him off the property into a waiting trailer. He’s about 15.2H, red roan, 10-11 years old, super people friendly, no brands/tattoos. Posted on social media, filed report with Kittitas County Sheriff Office case # S21-04387, contacted the animal shelter and equine rescue in Ellensburg, Wa.
Area Last Seen: Ellensburg, Wa, Wa, 98926
Date Stolen: 4/5/2021