Missing Mule named Sammie - ATTELLA, AL, 35906 | NetPosse ID #3982

Missing Mule Near ATTELLA, AL, 35906

NetPosse ID #: 3982
Name: Sammie
Species: Mule
Breed: Mule
Description: Two Mules missing from Canoe Creek Rd in Attalla Al - Property owner-reported suspect took mules out of the field. Soldier, the mule taken with Sammie was recovered after 11 years in February 2021. Sammie may still be out there somewhere too. He is about 15’2 15’3. It has been so long since his theft that his face could probably be all white now too. Tack Stolen: Custom Made Dakota Mule Saddle with Green Bucking Rolls. Sammie is a John mule missing from Attalla, Alabama. He has been gone 11 years and his owner is still searching for him. The mule taken with him, Soldier, was recovered in Feb. 2021. When he was taken he had very black legs, a stocky build, and a grayish face. It's a long shot that he is still out there and may still be found. But then so was Soldier.
Area Last Seen: ATTELLA, AL, 35906
Date Lost: 6/1/2009