Searching For Horse named Odie - Paradise, TX, 76073 | NetPosse ID #3974

Searching For Horse Near Paradise, TX, 76073

NetPosse ID #: 3974
Name: Odie
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Mini Horse, Paint (brown, black, white)
Description: On December 16, 2020, we were searching for a great family with whom Odie could spend out his days. Odie is a mini stud of approximately 30" in height, 15 years old. I put an ad in the DFW Horse and Other Farm Animals Trader in an effort to find Odie a wonderful forever home, and I was contacted by a man who said that he wanted Odie to be a Christmas gift for his child. I had advised this gentleman about Odie's history and his ongoing need for medical and dental care, which he said wouldn't be a problem. We made an arrangement for him to pick Odie up. When he arrived, I had a strange feeling but I felt I should complete the transaction since I had committed and he'd driven from Arkansas. The next day, I had a strong feeling something wasn't right and I began texting him to see if I could get Odie back. I offered to buy him and provide generous terms if I could just recover this pony. Each time I would contact him, he would say "he's doing great." I had agreed to send him Odie's Coggins report, and when I texted him to get the address, he gave me an address for another man at a PO Box in AR. I have been researching these two individuals ever since, and I have discovered that the man who picked Odie up is affiliated with "Last Chance Horse Facility" which I believe is a kill pen. There are write-ups online also regarding the man whose address the man who came to get Odie had given me, and kill pen situations he and his family have been involved with. I'm trying desperately to find Odie and get him back home to us, and we are praying nonstop that these men did not put him into a kill pen situation.
Area Last Seen: Paradise, TX, 76073
Date Last Known: 2/5/2021 12:07:00 PM