Searching For Horse named Leos Royal Danger aka Leo aka Gulliver - Conway , SC, 29526 | NetPosse ID #3971

Searching For Horse Near Conway , SC, 29526

NetPosse ID #: 3971
Name: Leos Royal Danger aka Leo aka Gulliver
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: We are looking to make contact with the owners of this horse. Known location is in Horry County, SC. We just want to keep track of him to make sure he never ends up in the pipeline and to offer a soft landing for him if the need arises. I also can give more in depth information about him such as show records, training, pictures, and medical history if the current owner gets in contact with us.
This horse is/was very much loved and cared for and has many many people who would like to keep UTD with him. We are by no means trying to peel him away from a good and loving home. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. Im not feeling very confident that we will get in touch with the new owners without some divine intervention. Thank you, all!
Area Last Seen: Conway , SC, 29526
Date Last Known: 4/12/2020