Searching For Horse named Callie - Coloma, Mi, 49038 | NetPosse ID #3970

Searching For Horse Near Coloma, Mi, 49038

NetPosse ID #: 3970
Name: Callie
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint
Description: My dad purchased Callie from my uncle with a full cash payment on Christmas 2014 for me. My uncle lives with my grandparents, so I was able to keep Callie on their property with no boarding fee. We paid for hay through the winter. In August 2015, my grandma called me demanding that I get Callie off her property. That weekend, my dad and I went to her property with a family friend of ours who had a horse trailer, to pick Callie up. My uncle refused to let us take Callie, and had her padlocked in a small round pen outside with no grass or water. They demanded us off the property. Sometime shortly after they sold Callie without a word to us.
Area Last Seen: Coloma, Mi, 49038
Date Last Known: 8/18/2015