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Searching For Horse Near Wright City, OK, 74745

NetPosse ID #: 3924
Name: Joker
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Mustang
Description: I was dating a guy for a very long time and his family offered me a place to keep my boy, Joker, since our current housing situation had changed and Joker was no longer able to stay there. We moved out of state to start a life away from previous problems and wasn't able to take mine or his horse at the time. After a few months things were set for Joker to come live with us, but the guy I was dating decided to call it quits and go home. Not even a week after my mother informed me my horse had been sold and the sale was legal since he was on their property and they had been caring for him free of charge. This was the beginning of 2014. I have not seen my boy in six years. I finally got information that Joker was sold to a man who then took him to a sale some where near by. This man has been passed away for 3 years now, so I am unable to ask and his children do not recognize my boy or know which sales he frequented. My mom bought Joker from one of my teachers when I 12 in 2005. He was a year old. His sire and dam both came from an adopt a mustang program although i am not sure which they came from or any of their other registered information. Unfortunately, when Joker was born not a single person (including me) decided to get his paperwork done. He is an unbranded, unmarked horse. He will be 16 this year.
Area Last Seen: Wright City, OK, 74745
Date Last Known: 1/27/2021 6:54:00 PM