Missing Horse named Oreo - Bangor , Ca, 95914 | NetPosse ID #3837

Missing Horse Near Bangor , Ca, 95914

NetPosse ID #: 3837
Name: Oreo
Gender: Female
Species: Horse
Breed: Mini horse, black and white paint
Description: Missing and presumed to be stolen. Oreo Is wearing a Dark green Halter, gentle about 3 ft tall. Woke up to all our other mini ponies out on the road , in front of the gate, she is the only one, that would get near a stranger. No broken fences , no open gates. We've looked all over the property and neighborhood, she's not the type to wonder off, if any one has information or knows anything, please call 530-679-0774, in Bangor California
Area Last Seen: Bangor , Ca, 95914
Date Lost: 12/23/2020