Missing Horse named Lilly - Peyton/Falcon, Co, 80831 | NetPosse ID #3821

Missing Horse Near Peyton/Falcon, Co, 80831

NetPosse ID #: 3821
Name: Lilly
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Egyptian Arabian
Description: Hello, I'm looking for my horse who may be located in the Peyton/Falcon area. Her name is Lilly, she's an Egyptian Arabian bay mare, 15.2 hands, 18 years old. I own Lilly, and free-leased her to someone several years ago, but they gave her to someone else without my knowledge, and that person may have sold her to someone in Colorado, not knowing that she is still my horse. I haven't been able to get any answers from the people who were taking care of her but my only focus now is on finding Lilly. I want to see if she is okay, healthy, safe, and loved. I miss her very much and just want her to be happy, but if someone has her who didn't want her, I will take her back in a heart beat. She's been missing for years and there is a big hole in my heart.
If you have seen her or know anyone who recognizes her, please contact me (774)-770-8033 or email findlilly1220@gmail.com. Thank you all for your help.
Area Last Seen: Peyton/Falcon, Co, 80831
Date Lost: 1/6/2015