Missing Horse named Sunny - Fruitvale, TX, 75127 | NetPosse ID #3756

Missing Horse Near Fruitvale, TX, 75127

NetPosse ID #: 3756
Name: Sunny
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse/ Black
Description: Sunny is a 22-year old black mare that is a granddaughter of our reining champion. She has produced 8 foals. (She was my personal riding horse for 16 years and was a top performer in every event). Was a true all-around. She could be used as a teaching horse for any type of youth activity. She has two white spots on her left jawline. Owned by Nancy Woods and her number is (903) 906-4039. Case number Constable Office Van Zandt County 2020-020
Area Last Seen: Fruitvale, TX, 75127
Date Lost: 11/1/2020