Missing Horse named Muffin - Fruitvale, TX, 75127 | NetPosse ID #3752

Missing Horse Near Fruitvale, TX, 75127

NetPosse ID #: 3752
Name: Muffin
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse/
Description: Muffin is a 14-year-old Grulla mare and was born on this ranch. She Is a double bred Blue Valentine mare. She has produced 8 foals, and they have all made top performance animals. When 3-weeks old, she injured her hip, resulting in a crooked line and scar down her back that cuts her dun line to where it doesn’t line up. Her 2019 foal won reserve champion stud at the Austin stock show although only a yearling. Owned by Nancy Woods and her number is (903) 906-4039. Case number Constable Office Van Zandt County 2020-020
Area Last Seen: Fruitvale, TX, 75127
Date Lost: 11/19/2020 9:52:00 AM