Missing Horse named Rowdy - Grand Chenier, LA, | NetPosse ID #3678

Missing Horse Near Grand Chenier, LA,

NetPosse ID #: 3678
Name: Rowdy
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Description: He's 23. 18.3hh red brackish(red/black) mane & tail. Live in Grand Chenier Louisianna. The barn sat approximately 200 ft from the gulf. Hurricane Laura bearing down on us. I have 8 more horses, 2 goats, a potbelly pig and 2 dogs. Rowdy has some past experience issues with with trailers...i don't know why, and so i waited to load him last. But, I was unable to load him by myself into the trailer. He acted up.nor did i have access to a 5th wheel truck to pull my trailer. To no fault of their own, completely understandable as well, everyone in the community was having issues all their own & wasn't able to assist me. I was in communication with rescuers and knew they were on the way however, water was rising fast and i had to get across that bridge or I'd of been stuck there myself. The patrolmen had already been to my house and made me write my vitals on my arm. I couldn't wait any longer. I opened up the barn doors, sobbing i kissed him, told him how much i loved him, and told him to run fast like the wind. Be safe and we'll meet back up when this is over. It was VERY difficult to drive away. Ive regretted it ever since. I should of put him on a rope and slowly drove us all out of there.
Area Last Seen: Grand Chenier, LA,
Date Lost: 10/15/2020 2:47:00 AM