Stolen Horse named Rodeo - Rolla, MO, 65401 | NetPosse ID #3547

Stolen Horse Near Rolla, MO, 65401

NetPosse ID #: 3547
Name: Rodeo
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Type
Description: Rodeo is a sunbleached BLACK Quarter Type gelding. He's wary towards new people, and takes even longer to warm up to men. He has white spots on his back (most of these white hairs are longer than his normal coat) from ill saddle fit from previous owners. He had one small star on his head, and a small patch of hair missing next to his left eye. He has two bite marks from our previous horse. One near, but not on his hindquarters, and the other on his hindquarters. The bite marks are both on his right side. He has scarred up knees as well. He has a long tail that nearly drags the ground, though on the underside of his tail there's no hair growth. His mane is fairly short. He's 21 years young, and has a bowed tendon on his back right leg, he was taken when he was still on medication, so there's a good chance that his fetlock is still swollen and he's still favoring the leg. He stands around 14.2-15 hands high.
Area Last Seen: Rolla, MO, 65401
Date Stolen: 8/17/2020