Searching For Horse named Delilah Rose - Purcell, Ok, 73080 | NetPosse ID #3510

Searching For Horse Near Purcell, Ok, 73080

NetPosse ID #: 3510
Name: Delilah Rose
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Pure Bred North American Spotted Draft
Description: I was the 3rd owner of this mare. . Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to find homes for al 3 of our horses. A woman from Apex bought her from me, then sold her 10 months later to an unknown person. She wouldn’t tell us no matter how many times over 7 years we asked her. I put ads on NC & SC HORSE PAGES and then Craigslist.. I contacted a lot of places in Oklahoma ( Strouds, Thompson & about 8 others). Then on April 1, 2020 I received a text message from a young woman who had worked at the place Delilah was. She said I know where your horse is . So she told me where & she tried to get in touch with a friend still working there. Was told she had been taken because she couldn’t get pregnant anymore. Delilah is probably 16.5 hh’s , 1800 lbs.. born April 6, 2010.. her registered name is POSITIVELY GORGEOUS MOSES.. She has a white line of fur on one side and the other side a large amount of white. A white heart shape under her white mane..
Area Last Seen: Purcell, Ok, 73080
Date Last Known: 4/1/2020