Missing Donkey named Armani - Cooperstown, NY, 13326 | NetPosse ID #3450

Missing Donkey Near Cooperstown, NY, 13326

NetPosse ID #: 3450
Name: Armani
Gender: jack
Species: Donkey
Breed: miniature donkey foal
Description: He was born 6/5/20. He was super sweet and friendly. Extremely friendly. Mom was super attentive to him and never let him out of her sight. My husband and I work off the farm. The farm has lots of visitors. I cannot 100% rule out predators (coyote, bobcat and even bear have been seen on the farm) but this boy disappeared without a trace. No buzzards, no nothing. Mom doesn't have a mark on her and was not looking for him. He weighed less than 50 pounds and would walk around with his nose in your back pocket. I can only hope that if someone did take him they are bottle feeding him. It did not occur to me to post this until a friend mentioned that someone, somewhere may know something.
Area Last Seen: Cooperstown, NY, 13326
Date Lost: 7/6/2020