Missing Horse named Mama - Cedar Hill, tn, 37072 | NetPosse ID #3372

Missing Horse Near Cedar Hill, tn, 37072

NetPosse ID #: 3372
Name: Mama
Gender: mare
Species: Horse
Breed: quarter horse
Description: Mama was being transported to a new place by two men who were supposed to be taking her to one of the men’s places to board for 30 days. Mama was being weaned from her filly. I thought both were our friends but we found out otherwise. One lives in Madison, TN and that is where she was supposed to go. Instead, they took her to the Cookeville Horse Auction where she was bought by a horse trader from KY who said he took her to a sale in Ohio. We are thinking this may have been Sugarcreek. Mama is a 13-year-old Bay AQHA resisted mare. She has a small thumb-sized white mark on her left cheek, has a few white hairs around her right flank area that come and go as the season’s change. She was very picky about her feet being touched. She was very sweet and loved to be around people and very patient and respectful when she left our farm.
Area Last Seen: Cedar Hill, tn, 37072
Date Lost: 9/21/2019