Stolen Horse named Khanrad - Welston , OH, 45650 | NetPosse ID #3357

Stolen Horse Near Welston , OH, 45650

NetPosse ID #: 3357
Name: Khanrad
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian
Description: Khanrad was in the care of shipper in Ohio when the shipper had an accident. He needed time to fix his rig and I’d already paid him in full. He offered to train my horse in exchange and bring him to me the following spring. I accepted. I had used the guy before for shipping. When spring rolled around in 2019 he did not bring my horse but sent pictures. Fall of 2019 I was in IL and asked him to meet me there with the horse- he ghosted me. I started to worry. He sent me some pictures and I started finding haulers to get him home. He had told me he’d bring him in March, then April, and the first of May I hired a hauler. First date was May16th- he didn’t give me the pickup address in time. Second was May 21st. Same. FINALLY he gave address to me and pickup date was scheduled for June 3rd.
The morning of June 3rd he called and said he had shot the horse for a broken leg. There is no blood on site and where he says he buried him is dry ground underneath disturbed top layer. Police are involved. Cameras have confirmed horse was not on his property. Khanrad is a chestnut Russian arabian stallion with three high white socks, belly spots, and flaxen mane and tail. He is short, in the 14.1 ranges, but STOUT!

Area Last Seen: Welston , OH, 45650
Date Stolen: 6/6/2020