Stolen Horse named Kate - Eldridge, IA, 52748 | NetPosse ID #3327

Stolen Horse Near Eldridge, IA, 52748

NetPosse ID #: 3327
Name: Kate
Gender: Female
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: My mare ( AQH ) Kate, was stolen in 8 years ago 2012 in Eldridge, Iowa where I had her boarded at a farm outside of town in the summer ( I dont remember exact day anymore) I am still searching for her. She was born in 2005 so she would be 15 years old now. We believe the owner had something to due with her being stolen as he constantly hounded me to buy her to which I always said NO. I decided to move her somewhere else and when I came to pick her up she was gone and the owner refused to tell me where she was. The cops didn't help with the situation.
*Please understand these pics are 8 years old.
* Kate has a nice white/grey stripe on her head.
* She has a scar/rough patch on her top lip, blended in well. Visible to the eye and you can feel it as its rough.
*She did have a little white spot on the left side of her neck( see pics ).
*She has white/grey eyelashes.
* PLEASE NOTE: Kate's color pattern changed slightly over the years I had her.
She started to show more flea-bitten pattern on her head and neck and she started showing more dapples on her body. Her legs always stayed dark in those years. There is a chance her color has changed some since she was stolen.
She could be a grey/silver dapple now after so many years. It has been 8 years and she could look different from the pics I have of her. *In the winter she was a total fuzz ball and got a very thick winter coat.
I have been searching for 8 years and counting and I am begging you if you have her or have any information on her please tell me! She was and is my everything! I just want her back!

Area Last Seen: Eldridge, IA, 52748
Date Stolen: 8/1/2012