Stolen Horse named Wylie Like A Coyote - Menoken, ND, 58504 | NetPosse ID #3321

Stolen Horse Near Menoken, ND, 58504

NetPosse ID #: 3321
Name: Wylie Like A Coyote
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: I went out to my grandparent's farm to work with and see my horses. I couldn't find my horse anywhere. We went to neighbors and they hadn't seen anything. My uncle finally called me back after countless phone calls. He told me that he had sent him off to training (and I believed him since he needed to go anyway). Little did I know that he actually sold them. He had me believing that the "trainer" had stolen him and sold him after many months of me waiting for my horse to get back. He took my papers and said he was going to file a police report. I never heard anything back from my uncle on what the sheriff said, and he finally gave me my papers back after I repeatedly asked for them back over a 1.5 year span. I called sheriff's department and there had been nothing reported by my uncle. I filed a report soon after and the case is still under investigation. I have since found out, my uncle sold the horse to someone he had worked with at the time. That person has since then sold the horse.
Area Last Seen: Menoken, ND, 58504
Date Stolen: 10/1/2013