Missing Horse named Sunfire - Sherwood, MI, 49089 | NetPosse ID #3285

Missing Horse Near Sherwood, MI, 49089

NetPosse ID #: 3285
Name: Sunfire
Species: Horse
Breed: American Saddlebred
Description: I am active duty Air Force and in a surgical residency training program. I knew I was not going to have much time for my horse with my training (often working 80+ hour weeks) and also I get very little leave (2-3 weeks/year), so we decided to look for a good forever home for her. In October 2013, my parents called me and said they found someone who was very good with horses and could offer Sunfire a good forever home. We made an agreement that we would give her to him, ************ (at that time he told us his name was **********), but that when I am home on leave, I would be able to visit her. Also, that if things didn’t work out with her, he would let us know and we would either take her back or assist with finding her a new home. After about a year, I lost contact with him as his cell phone stopped working. I later found out that he had moved to Oklahoma pursuing his career. I also found out he was in the business of buying, training, and selling horses. When I finally relocated him via facebook, he told me he had sold my horse about a year after we gave her to him. He said he sold her though the facebook page (horses for sale in michigan, any price) to a mother and daughter for $500 cash, but I can’t find any record of her on that group page. I'm not sure how accurate his information is as he acted at first as if he couldn't remember who he sold her to. Last known location was Union City/Sherwood, MI, where he lived.
Area Last Seen: Sherwood, MI, 49089
Date Lost: 10/1/2014