Searching For Horse named Gemini - Cedar Springs, MI, 49319 | NetPosse ID #3237

Searching For Horse Near Cedar Springs, MI, 49319

NetPosse ID #: 3237
Name: Gemini
Gender: gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Percheron QH cross
Description: Gemini, age 19, has a white spot by his withers a small amount of white on his hind leg down by his hoof in the back and a dark patch that is starting to gray in the shape of a heart behind his shoulder. He does bleach out in the summer and has a dappled coat. Gemini was last seen in Cedar Springs, MI. My horse trailer, a 2006 Miley 3H slant white aluminum skin metal frame, tractor and tack are gone as well. This is a situation where the person believed I responsible is involved in our marital separation. Gemini and the equipment disappeared on 4/12/2020, and he will not disclose what happened to the Gemini. He has also refused to tell law enforcement what happened to Gemini. This is a civil situation but all I care about is getting my horse back safe at home. I have had Gemini since he was born. My grandma named him. I never consented to any sale. I just want my horse back.
Area Last Seen: Cedar Springs, MI, 49319
Date Last Known: 4/13/2020 11:28:00 AM