Searching For Horse named Majestic Storm (Storm) - Sarcoxie, MO, 64862 | NetPosse ID #3226

Searching For Horse Near Sarcoxie, MO, 64862

NetPosse ID #: 3226
Name: Majestic Storm (Storm)
Gender: Stud, Male, Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian/Quarter Horse possibly some Andalusian
Description: I had 7 Horses boarded on the property I leased in Sarcoxie MO, Joplin. Near the Joplin regional Stockyard. We went to check on them a couple of days prior to moving them and Storm was gone. Storms info: He has a weird notch you would usually see on a tree stump is what I think but farrier says it is a scar its a notch/bump and when trimmed looks split. He may still have a scar over the left side of his face that was fading and it lessened every week. He's not really grey but kind of as you can see in photos he looks different in different settings. He's a sweet stud for a stud. I need my first colt/baby back he's an amazing boy and my heart. I will do anything to get him back. Please help us find him. Both mares that were bred to him have foaled one on Easter, and one today. What happened as an accident of him being put in the wrong pasture turned out to be a blessing because we still have a part of him with us. But we need our boy back. I will not stop until he is home.
Area Last Seen: Sarcoxie, MO, 64862
Date Last Known: 4/1/2020