Missing Horse named Red Leather Pants - Cookeville , TN, 38501 | NetPosse ID #3166

Missing Horse Near Cookeville , TN, 38501

NetPosse ID #: 3166
Name: Red Leather Pants
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: I am trying to find a horse that I used to own named Red Leather Pants, aka Nikki. She is a 13 year old registered Quarter Horse mare. I sold her several years ago in Cookeville TN.  I took the time to find her a good home and put a fair price so I never thought I would have to worry about this. I kept in contact with the purchaser for about a year, I spent the next several years trying to get ahold of anyone that knew her to find out how Nikki was and her whereabouts. Finally a couple of months ago, she got back to me. Long story short, she was abandoned at a farm in Cookeville Tn and when I contacted farm owner, he says the horse was taken to an auction. I know for a fact that the person I sold her to still has her papers so if she was taken to auction, she went without papers.  I would say about a year ago and probably the Cookeville auction. I am praying someone saw the beautiful broke mare she was and she was picked up by a loving home. If anyone has seen this horse or knows any information, please contact me. She has two scars above where the halter would sit on her nose and she is a cribber. I will offer a small reward for information leading to her discovery. Any information, no matter how small, will be appreciated.
Area Last Seen: Cookeville , TN, 38501
Date Lost: 3/6/2017