Missing Horse named Jamaican Breeze - Goshen , IN, 46528 | NetPosse ID #3157

Missing Horse Near Goshen , IN, 46528

NetPosse ID #: 3157
Name: Jamaican Breeze
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Appaloosa
Description: Jamaican Breeze was leased to another part in 2016. Over a period of three years, discussions were held, an attempt to pick the horse up was made and the horse disappeared. Law enforcement has determined this to be a civil case. The owner just wants to know where her horse may be located so she can attempt to get her mare back. The mare was born in 2008. If you want more details please contact the person on this flyer.
Area Last Seen: Goshen , IN, 46528
Date Lost: 3/9/2019