Found Aussie Dog | NetPosse ID #3005

Found Dog Near Norfolk, VA, 23324

NetPosse ID #: 3005
Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Breed: Aussie
Description: Do you know anyone who has lost a dog that looks like Cookie? She is safe but is someone missing their dog? Cookie the Aussie was found by a citizen six months to a year ago in the middle of North Carolina. (Finder does not know the town as she was passing though) the finder told us she DID take the dog to the shelter and filed a found report and checked her for a microchip. She has had the dog for the past six months. She turned the dog into the Norfolk Animal Care Center shelter in VA as an owner surrender as she has been taking care of her since then. Cookie was spayed last Friday and went to her adopter home (who have Aussie experience) on Saturday.
Area Found: Norfolk, VA, 23324
Date Found: 6/1/2019