Missing Horse named Chickory's Lil Nipp - Princeton, KY, 42445 | NetPosse ID #2980

Missing Horse Near Princeton, KY, 42445

NetPosse ID #: 2980
Name: Chickory's Lil Nipp
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse

Chicky is a 15-year-old sorrel quarter horse mare sold in June 18, 2011, with conditions of visitations and first right of refusal to a ranch in Princeton, Kentucky, where we were able to visit every year except for one. When we were able to visit Chicky in September of 2015 and we were brought to her paddock, the horse that was there was not Chicky. The ranch believes she was caught up in a recipient mare switch and was sent out to Northern Texas or Southern Oklahoma.

Area Last Seen: Princeton, KY, 42445
Date Lost: 10/1/2015