Stolen Horse named Millwoods Fanci This - Alleyton, TX, 78935 | NetPosse ID #2924

Stolen Horse Near Alleyton, TX, 78935

NetPosse ID #: 2924
Name: Millwoods Fanci This
Gender: Filly
Species: Horse
Breed: Miniature
Description: Stolen on July 17, 2014 Fanci could still be out there somewhere! STILL SEARCHING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - $2000 REWARD My filly was taken from her stall at her trainer’s barn. A stolen horse police report was filed. Fanci is very small about 29 to 30”.. If you have seen or know where Fanci is, please contact Nicki Dowdle (214-213-4828) or Stolen Horse International.
Area Last Seen: Alleyton, TX, 78935
Date Stolen: 7/17/2014