Found Unknown Horse | NetPosse ID #2895

Found Horse Near Sonora Hills, CA, 00000

NetPosse ID #: 2895
Gender: Unknown
Species: Horse
Breed: Unknown
Description: Can you help us help this horse and its owner be reunited near the Sonoma Hills of California?

We have been tagged on this post and we are asking for your help. Have you seen anyone posting on Facebook about a lost horse in California while trail riding? One of the responses to the note below on Jennifer Trabucco's profile was that someone had seen a post about losing a horse. They cannot find the post on Facebook. Can you? This is what we need help with, finding that post.

"Someone FOUND this horse up in the Sonora Hills...did anyone lose a horse recently???? They said it's super skinny they arent horse savvy I am gonna go see the horse tomorrow....See if I can offer any help.... Please repost on animal sites."

Hopefully, this horse and the owner have been reunited and if you see something that says so, please update us on this post.

Thanks for your help as well.
Area Found: Sonora Hills, CA, 00000
Date Found: 10/2/2019