Missing Horse named Bird Man - Harrodsburg , KY, 40330 #2683 | NetPosse ID

Missing Horse Near Harrodsburg , KY, 40330

NetPosse ID # : 2683
Name : Bird Man
Gender : Gelding
Species : Horse
Breed : Thoroughbred
Description : Placed an ad to find a home for a thoroughbred mare, received a call from a young girl needing a companion horse for her gelding. She came and looked at mare and she seemed so nice I told her my gelding would be the better companion for her gelding. She gave a story that she was a vet student and rodeo barrel raced and her roommate moved out with her horse and her horse needed a companion.
Area Last Seen : Harrodsburg , KY, 40330
Date Lost : 12/22/2017


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