Missing Horse named Complete Clue - Williamston, NC, 27892 | NetPosse ID #2679

Missing Horse Near Williamston, NC, 27892

NetPosse ID #: 2679
Name: Complete Clue
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: Clue was being free leased to for children's riding lessons since 2014. Clue was being used for kids lessons and 4-h and birthday parties. When they retired him he was moved to the back of the property as I could not move him to our house due to family commitments. I had last visited him in June and Sept. 2017. I was not contacted that he was being moved in January 2018 . I had found out through a facebook post that he was being moved to Georgia. The girl told the barn she was a vet student. She took him to Georgia to be a pasture mate for her barrel horse. I did not approve of him being moved and certainly not out of state. We have tried to find out where he is being stabled and have been facebook messaged that the student will send a picture when she can. This was two months ago. I have spoken to the farm and they have not been able to confirm where the horse is currently. They told me by phone call on March 1, 2018 that they had been told that Clue had been put down due to colic. He said he asked for and received the vet bill from this student which he then gave to his vet to look over. His vet said they called Alabama to look vet up but no vet by that name or license. We still do not know where Clue is. It is important to know that I did not give up ownership of the horse.
Area Last Seen: Williamston, NC, 27892
Date Lost: 1/6/2018