Searching For Horse named Playing the Field - Lagrange , GA, 30241 | NetPosse ID #2673

Searching For Horse Near Lagrange , GA, 30241

NetPosse ID #: 2673
Name: Playing the Field
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: I posted on Facebook that I had been injured and could not care for my horses and was looking for homes for them. Soon, someone replied and asked if they could share my story on the Alabama Horse People page on Facebook. I received a message from a young woman saying she was looking for a horse to be a pasture companion for her barrel horse because she was a Vet student and could not find time to ride him. I told her about his history and his lameness issues and said he could not be ridden. She sympathized and said the poor boy deserves to live out his life and a nice pasture. So I agreed to let her come see him. She said she was coming to look at him one day because she didn't have classes, and she showed up with her trailer. I let her take him because I could not go out to the barn and feed him because of my injuries. I inquired about him several times, and one day, she told me he was doing great and then stopped responding to me after that
Area Last Seen: Lagrange , GA, 30241
Date Last Known: 11/3/2016