Missing Horse named Cheyenne - Hayden, AL, 35079 | NetPosse ID #2669

Missing Horse Near Hayden, AL, 35079

NetPosse ID #: 2669
Name: Cheyenne
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Mustang
Description: I had a heart attack and could no longer care for the horses I adored and loved so much. They were my family and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in letting them go. I needed to find a loving home for them and this girl said she would keep them and give them a wonderful home. She and her boyfriend picked up my horses, tack, round pen, half a barn of hay. They had to make two trips. She told me she was a vet and she trained horses and they would be used for trail riding as they needed extras for trails. I gave her Cheyenne the year before because she was wild and she was going to train her and ride her. She said she had a place where she trained the and students used her horses. This was a real wild horse and she needed a trainer I trusted that she was going to a much better place where she could get what she needed. I gave Sampson and Rocky to her because she was so kind to us with Cheyenne and I trusted she would take care of them too.
Area Last Seen: Hayden, AL, 35079
Date Lost: 10/11/2015