Missing Horse named CAUSEITSAGAMBLE - Ozark, AL, 36360 | NetPosse ID #2665

Missing Horse Near Ozark, AL, 36360

NetPosse ID #: 2665
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse Appendix
Description: I sold this horse to ******* for one hundred dollars in the summer of 2016. He was to be used as a companion horse for her barrel horse. ******** was sure to inform me that he would have a good and safe home on about ten acres of pasture alongside her personal barrel horse. She also informed me that she was a vet school student. This led me to believe that he would be going to a good home with an owner that would have much knowledge of horses, how to care for them, and a good understanding of why he should not be ridden due to his injury. However, today, March 6, 2018 I found out that this lady has told many other people the same thing when she would really take free or cheap horses and then take them to auction or sell them to slaughter to turn a profit.
Area Last Seen: Ozark, AL, 36360
Date Lost: 7/17/2016