Missing Horse named Sparky - Rockingham , NC, 28379 | NetPosse ID #2664

Missing Horse Near Rockingham , NC, 28379

NetPosse ID #: 2664
Name: Sparky
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Pony
Description: Advertised Sparky as a pasture mate as he had medical issues that we could not address and he needed to be helped. We did not have the $3000. required for the surgery for Sparky while tending to a very sick family member. It seemed heaven sent that a vet student answered the ad and gave us the "comfort" that Sparky would get the medical care that he needed and deserved to be well. ****** gave us all the hope in the world and comforted us with her words that she had access to the Vet school and Sparky would then go to be a pasture buddy for her barrel horse once his medical issues were taken care of. It happened that she was on her way back to Alabama from a rodeo at Tryon NC and she would go out of her way to come and check him out. She came and decided to take him. We even made her a plate of food and a glass of tea since she was traveling; she hugged my family giving reassurance! Then no longer responded to us. We do not know the whereabouts of Sparky!
Area Last Seen: Rockingham , NC, 28379
Date Lost: 7/1/2017