Missing Horse named Donkey - savannah, GA, 31419 | NetPosse ID #2654

Missing Horse Near savannah, GA, 31419

NetPosse ID #: 2654
Name: Donkey
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Donkey - Miniature
Description: ****** ********* saw a listing of my horse and donkey on Facebook and contacted me in regards of her needing a pasture mate for her barrel horse. So, I followed through and she came out on 1-12-18 to pick them up. What was weird is that she also had three other horses in the slant load trailer. I asked why they were there and she simply said the one in the very front was hers while the other two were her friend's horses. Apparently, they had to go to the chiropractor. My rocky mountain mare (daisy) loaded fine, my donkey was her nervous. After they tried forcefully putting him in the trailer and he continued to refuse, I said something along the lines of "he looks scared, maybe ya'll should stop or be more gentle." Her reply was somewhat like "no its okay, they're tough animals." That alone bothered me. She did not seem to care about their wellbeing at all when I look back at everything. A day after, I texted her requesting pictures of them. She kept making excuses up, then finally she blocked me, so our communication was lost. I have not heard from her since. I am very concerned about the entire situation and I want my babies back...
Area Last Seen: savannah, GA, 31419
Date Lost: 1/18/2018