Missing Horse named Blondie - Enterprise, AL, 36330 | NetPosse ID #2633

Missing Horse Near Enterprise, AL, 36330

NetPosse ID #: 2633
Name: Blondie
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: American Saddlebred
Description: I had two beautiful red chestnut mares I felt I needed to rehome. Reason being our son was in a serious car accident causing extra expense for medical bills. I listed for sale $300.00 apiece. ****** ********* contacted me said she couldn't afford to buy the horses, because she was in vet school. She said she could give them a Forever Loving Home. She came to our home in a white truck with a trailer, and there was one horse in the trailer when she came. She said she wanted the horses for buddy horses to her barrel racing horse. She said I can't afford to buy the horses, but I can give them a loving forever home, and would not sale them and she has 18 acres of land for them and gets discounts on all vet needs. I trusted her and thought since she is a vet student they will be fine because she promised me they would be fine. She promised pictures of the horses and would keep me informed of their well-being. I believed her. I inquired the next day. She replied the girls did great on the ride. She never sent a picture, she only replied a few times said they were fine. I sent message after message inquiring because she stopped replying to my messages. Then January 28, 2018 I noticed she unfriended me and blocked me. On messenger I would see the green dot by her name and I added her to messenger and sent the messages in Feb. and in March that I have screen shot and sent. She never responded. I will always regret the horses going with her.
Area Last Seen: Enterprise, AL, 36330
Date Lost: 12/7/2017