Missing Horse named Neito de Nevado - Bonaire, GA, 311005 | NetPosse ID #2632

Missing Horse Near Bonaire, GA, 311005

NetPosse ID #: 2632
Name: Neito de Nevado
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Paso Fino
Description: I placed information on the North Georgia Horse &Tack Facebook site that I had a Paso Fino that I was had for sale to a good home. ****** responded and told me she could not afford to buy him but she was looking for a horse to keep her barrel horse company. She said she was in vet school in Ala. And would give him a good home. She picked him up on Sunday Jan 12, 2018. We had a long talk about what he was used to, and I told her he was an easy keeper and she would need to watch his weight. She said she would put him out in pasture and stall him at night. I told her if for any reason it did not work out to please call me and I would come get him. I offered to saddle him up for her to ride him, but she said she made a practice to never ride her horses until she did a lot of ground work. I ask her to keep in touch and let me know how Copper was adjusting. I did not hear from her for a while so I contacted her several times to see what was going on. She finally sent me message on Facebook that Copper was adjusting well.
Area Last Seen: Bonaire, GA, 311005
Date Lost: 1/12/2018