Missing Horse named General aka Chip - Indiantown, FL, 34956 | NetPosse ID #2631

Missing Horse Near Indiantown, FL, 34956

NetPosse ID #: 2631
Name: General aka Chip
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Paso Fino
Description: I was also duped by the VET STUDENT named xxxxxx. She picked up 2 horses from me in Indiantown Florida. A 16 yo black Pasofino and a chestnut QH about 10yo. Paso is named General and QH is named Chip. She picked them up on May 25, 2017. Told me she needed pasture buddies for her horse. Said she had 15 acres in Ocala full of grass. I was going through financial difficulty and could not afford to feed 4 so she assured me they would be taken care of. She also said I could visit them anytime. She will not reply when I ask for the address to come see them. I saved both horses from going to slaughter but now fear that is right where they ended up after all and it breaks my heart. Thank you in advance for all you do. She called me answering the ad. Gave me a convincing speal. No plan of her taking General at the time. She pulled in with a nice truck and trailer with Alabama plates. The girl who met with me was not xxxxxx. I didn't know that until I saw her booking photo. Anyway there was a girl asleep in the truck who could have been xxxxxx. We were at my barn talking for almost an hour. She mentioned what a nice head General had and preceded to show me pics of "her" horse. Who knows now if it was her horse. So General was dropping weight and we discussed that he needed good grass. She said do you want me to take him for you for a while, I have 15 acres of good grass and only my one horse on it. I said that would be great. This girl was very personable.  She kept me talking as we loaded the horses. There was a mare in The trailer that she said they had dropped off to get need and had just picked her up. As they drove away I realized I had not gotten the address where they would be from her. I immediately called her. She didn't answer, I text her asking for the address she said she was driving and would send it when she stopped. Somehow she got all that out while driving.
Area Last Seen: Indiantown, FL, 34956
Date Lost: 1/18/2018