Searching For Horse named Heavenly Angel - Decherd , TN, 37324 | NetPosse ID #2630

Searching For Horse Near Decherd , TN, 37324

NetPosse ID #: 2630
Name: Heavenly Angel
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: National Show Horse
Description: I met (ask submitter for name) on a FB adoption site for my horses. I was looking for a forever home as I was going through a divorce. Prior to giving her my gelding and my mare, I contacted several people via Facebook who all said she was a VET STUDENT (at a university in Al) and I could trust her. She signed a return contract with me that stated the horses must be returned if she couldn’t keep them. She lied about everything. 3 days ago while checking FB a friend posted her police report and my heart sunk. She needs to be stopped!!! My babies had been together for 13 years and she promised a home as she needed a pasture buddy for her barrel horse.
Area Last Seen: Decherd , TN, 37324
Date Last Known: 1/17/2018