Missing Horse named Jaycee - Bloomington , IN, Unknown #2623 | NetPosse ID

Missing Horse Near Bloomington , IN, Unknown

NetPosse ID # : 2623
Name : Jaycee
Gender : Gelding
Species : Horse
Breed : Appendix Quarter
Description : I owned Jaycee for 20 then due to my health I returned him to the woman I purchased him from, who then gave him to a friend, and she then gave him to a family in Bloomington Indiana. Just want to know he’s ok and possibly buy him back. He’s a bay with a white ankle on his left rear leg, white spot on forehead, turned 28 on June 14. Any information on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.
Area Last Seen : Bloomington , IN, Unknown
Date Lost : 2/27/2019


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