Stolen Dog named Kylo - minturn, co, 81645 | NetPosse ID #2601

Stolen Dog Near minturn, co, 81645

REWARD $2,500.00

NetPosse ID #: 2601
Name: Kylo
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Description: $2500 REWARD IF RETURNED SAFELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED On June 12th, 2019 around 6pm, Kylo, an extremely friendly male Alaskan Malamute, went missing from us about 1.5 miles up from the TH on the West Grouse Creek trail in Minturn, CO. Kylo is about 110 lbs, black and white with a long coat. He is both neutered and microchipped. There are many possibilities as to what may have happened. Due to his friendly nature, it is possible Kylo was picked up and someone currently has him - they may or may not know that his family is looking for him depending on their access to social media or their distance to the area he may have been picked up at (as he could have traveled a distance before being found). It is also possible Kylo is still roaming somewhere in the mountains, as the area is very vast and these dogs can cover a lot of ground. He has been missing for a while, so he could have wandered anywhere in Colorado or be anywhere else in the US at this point depending on what may have happened. KYLO WAS POSSIBLY SPOTTED BEING PICKED UP BY TWO MEN IN A RED PICKUP TRUCK WITH AN OUT OF STATE (NOT COLORADO) LICENSE PLATE. THESE PEOPLE MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW KYLO IS MISSING. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME 5305209469
Area Last Seen: minturn, co, 81645
Date Stolen: 6/20/2019


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