Missing Horse named Buddy - Ulster, Pa, 18850 #2573 | NetPosse ID

Missing Horse Near Ulster, Pa, 18850

NetPosse ID # : 2573
Name : Buddy
Gender : gelding
Species : Horse
Breed : arab/pinto cross
Description : He and my mare were sold to a man by the name of (Ask submitter for information) and I have text messages that we agreed that if Buddy needed to be rehomed I would be the first to get the call. After a month of checking up on my horse it was discovered that he was rehomed without my consent and supposedly my mare had passed of cancer. I want him back! That was our deal and I love this horse! And I was provided no proof of my mares demise.
Area Last Seen : Ulster, Pa, 18850
Date Lost : 4/16/2019


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