MiniTracker III Universal Scanner with All Equine ID Record Keeping Protection Registry

This is not one of those cheap scanners that only reads one frequency. It cannot be compared in quality to other scanners which do not scan all the frequencies.  Buy one for a rescue, animal shelter, business or friend. ALL PROCEEDS support our victim's services and educational outreach programs.

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Register microchips, brands, lip tattoos and all 
types of equine identification.
Includes multiple types of records for your horse.
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You get 1 AVID Mini Tracker III Universal Scanner and 1 NetPosse Identification Program All-ID protection registration.

Order your scanner and then register one horse right away in our All Equine ID record keeping registry, formerly known as the NIP registry on, the first to offer equine microchip kits and the only ones to offer an all equine ID record keeping registry on the internet. 

With over 20 years field experience working directly with victims, it is all about protection, education and recovery her at Stolen Horse International, Inc. 

A portable, universal pocket reader for rapid, error-free detection of implantable transponders from different manufacturers. Reads both 125 kHz , International USEF compliance 134 kHz microchips and more.

The MiniTracker 3 Universal Scanner is an Avid microchip scanner that is able to read both ISO and non-ISO microchips. It is also able to read ID tags from different manufacturers.

AVID Mini Tracker 3 Global AVID/FECAVA/FDXB/Trovan Universal Reader

The AVID MiniTracker 3 is engineered for convenience and performance, providing the user with the ideal solution when portability and cost are important. Reads most 125 khz and 134 khz microchips.

The AVID MiniTracker 3 is small enough to carry in your pocket. Its patented Multi-Mode technology enables it to read id tags from different manufacturers.

The MiniTracker 3 is configured to read and display any AVID, FECAVA, TROVAN and ISO (FDX-B) coded radio frequency identification tags. The ID code is displayed on the Mini Tracker 3's 16 character LCD. Click here to read Mini Tracker III spec sheet.

In the operational mode, the MiniTracker 3 emits two beep tones to signal an identification tag has been read. When not in use, four beep tones sound every three minutes to warn the user that the unit is still on.

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