134 Khz Microchip and Two Registrations for 1 horse - Hags With Nags

134 Khz Microchip and Two Registrations for 1 horse - Hags With Nags


134 kHz Microchip kit for one horse with TWO national registrations for the Hags With Nags Clinic

Product Description

A microchip for 1 horse with TWO National Registries for Hags With Nags Clinic, Saturday, October 3, 2020, at 11 AM – 3 PM, Lees State Park. You have to attend this clinic to get your microchip kits. To learn more about this clinic click this link. https://www.facebook.com/events/3329009413817407/
(This is not where microchips are ordered that need to be shipped. Look under another category in the store for shipped chips.)

  • 1 134 kHz International Microchip preloaded into a sterile, disposable syringe
  • 4 peel and stick labels
  • Easy instructions
  • 1 NetPosse ID Registration
  • 1 Avid Horsetrac Registration
  • One prevention and recovery resource hand out.

NOTE: Select for 1-4 horses - see other items for herds of 5 and up.

More about the HAGS WITH NAGS Microchip Clinic

Natural disasters, fires, floods, theft; all can separate you from your horses, mules, ponies, and minis. Most of these lost companions are found and returned. You can help make certain that YOUR equine is returned to YOU by a simple microchip. The vet or LEO scans the top of the neck, beep beep, and a number appears. That number is YOUR number and that is YOUR horse. The microchip kit from Net Posse includes the chip and TWO registrations (prices TBA). A favorite Haggy Vet, Dr. Nikki Milligan, will be on-site to perform the chipping (you will pay for additional services such as meds to numb the site of injection, etc) and your horse will be 'chipped'. One more layer of protection in case of an emergency! NEGATIVE COGGINS REQUIRED!


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