Leroy - Recovered 9/27/13 - More Info ...

Leroy - Recovered 9/27/13 - More Info ...

29 September 2013

Leroy was found by some other hunters not far from where he came up missing Tuesday. They did not come back down to camp till Friday, so they reported him then. He was thinner and was missing his halter and a shoe. Paul took him back to where he was told they found him today to see if he could lead him to Honey but did not have any luck. He found his shoe but no halter or Honey.

[Leroy and Honey] were not tacked up. Honey was hobbled when she went missing - which concerns me. The men who found Leroy said he came out on the trail and took off North up the trail, they went after and caught him. Paul took Leroy back up to where they found him and north up the trail where he was heading when found and said it led to water but no grass and pretty rough terrain. He spent the day looking for Honey but said that Leroy never hollered or anything. 

~ Julie 9/29/13