Horse Recovered in Cow Pasture almost has horrible fate!

Horse Recovered in Cow Pasture almost has horrible fate!

27 June 2013

RECOVERED October 2004 - after a stranger saw the NetPosse flyer online ...

Read what almost became Dandy's fate ...

Through word-of-mouth and people who saw the ( missing poster on line, Dandy was located about 4 miles from home. Seems he wandered into a bean-field, was running with the cattle at a farm. I'm a bit mystified that the neighbors didn't ask around about it, but at any rate, he'll be home soon!!!!

I'm in the process of notifying everyone who was so concerned...through the efforts at the grass roots, Dandy has been rescued!!! 


Luann Bond a footnote, the dad of the farmer who found Dandy told him to take him to the killers, so he wouldn't have to feed why they at least didn't tell some neighbors about it? We have Amish and Mennonite farms all around...they are actually the ones who saw him from the road, but it was the action of someone who saw the poster on-line, and was talking about it to a friend at a sale, then mentioned to an Amish neighbors...then finally back to a friend, & back to!