Penny - Stolen in Mistaken ID?

Penny - Stolen in Mistaken ID?

19 April 2013

PennyNCstolen-REC.jpgPENNY, a palomino mare, was stolen August 21, 2001 from Mebane, North Carolina. Her owner Bonnie, found help on the Internet immediately to help guide her through her search. Penny was home on August 25, 2001. Here is the first letter accounting what happened to Penny and a thank you to all who helped.

Read this story from Bonnie....

Penny has been FOUND and is now home!! She was taken by a woman who must be mentally disturbed. The woman has been in Texas the last 3 years, and just returned to our area. She told the sheriff today that she'd had a horse that looked 'just like Penny' when she left our area. She said she couldn't even remember where she'd left her horse. Clearly, she hadn't been paying board to anyone to keep her! When she saw Penny, she just 'knew' it was her horse, so she simply CAME AND GOT HER.


According to the deputy who arrived at the scene, I may not be able to prosecute this woman, if she indeed 'thought Penny was her horse' and meant no criminal intent. I am going to take the matter up with the District Attorney on Monday morning and do everything I can to press charges.

PennyNC-flyer.jpgInterestingly, I had seen this woman drive onto the farm Monday afternoon. She was driving a small white station wagon with a dog barrier in the back. I had just seen a stray dog near the farm. I thought she may be looking for her dog. As the woman drove out of the farm, I jumped into my truck and chased her down the driveway, but she got away before I could say anything to her. I wanted to tell her about the dog I saw.
On the way to get Penny today, I remembered seeing this woman and said to my husband, 'I wonder if she drives a small white station wagon?' Sure enough, there it was in the driveway of the house where we were reunited with Penny.

I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to everyone who has been on the lookout for Penny. Friends I have never even met united in an awesome force to help bring my girl home. But, above all, I want to say a very special Thank You to Debi Metcalfe, Idaho's 'Mom', who has been my unfailing source of strength and guidance throughout this awful ordeal. Thanks and brightest blessings to all of you.
Bonnie Booker and Penny
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