JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT - Ali Hoffman and Parents

JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT - Ali Hoffman and Parents

16 December 2020

"When the times seem a little dark it's just a call to be more LIGHT! Let your joy fly, crank the tunes and dance in the kitchen!" - Michael and Ali Hoffman

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Let's dance!
As you know we are always looking for ways to lift the spirits of our victims and our supporters, especially during these hard Covid-19 times when so many of us are being adversely affected.

This video started as a quarantine challenge with the Hoffman family. With over 1,912,422 views since Mar 23, 2020, Stolen Horse International took note.

"This video by Ali Hoffman and her parents just made us feel good," says Debi Metcalfe, President of Stolen Horse International. "And yes, we know this has nothing to do with horses but even horse lovers love music. We try our best to bring smiles to the faces of those we help and those who support us. I hope this does just that like it did me."

When things are dark, and they are very dark for our victims who still do not have their beloved horses home, sometimes we need to make things a little more 'light' so that we can survive.

We hope that everyone who sees this today forgets their troubles for just a moment. We hope that it makes you smile just like it did us. Maybe you will even turn up the music and dance. 

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Visit Michael and Ali Hoffman's YouTube channel here.
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